Question: Where Is Threadbeast Located?

Is Threadbeast real?

On the face of it, ThreadBeast is every mall-dreading introvert’s dream come true.

The Los Angeles-based company is a subscription box online retail service for men’s streetwear.

It delivers personally customized clothing for every customer according to his style, size, and personality — every five weeks..

How much does Threadbeast cost?

Threadbeast What it costs: $55 to $135 a month depending on how many items you want. What you get: With Threadbeast, you’ll get 2 to 7 items catered to your size, style, and preferences.

How does ThreadBeast earn?

Customers complete a style profile that a personal stylist from ThreadBeast uses to select clothing products for each monthly shipment. … Each billing cycle, the subscription fee is charged and the customer’s products are shipped to the registered shipping address with a shipping tracking number.

Which style box is best?

Read which boxes our readers named the best clothing subscriptions!Stitch Fix. Price: $20.00 styling fee to receive a Fix. … Trunk Club. Price: $25.00 styling fee, which is applied to whatever you decide to keep. … Le Tote. … Fabletics. … Frank and Oak Style Plan. … Gwynnie Bee. … Wantable Fitness. … Dia & Co.More items…

What is thread beast?

ThreadBeast is an exclusive and diverse men’s streetwear subscription service that delivers a package of streetwear items to your doorstep once a month. Our technology personally caters to each user’s style preferences, sizes, and overall personality.

Are clothing subscription boxes worth it?

A box isn’t a good value if it’s going to tempt you into buying more of any one item than you would normally want. Even if the cost per item is good, it’s likely to be more than you’d spend buying just one item each month.

Which is better Stitch Fix vs Trunk Club?

Stitch Fix has a “cheaper the better” option for you to choose from. This means they’ll search and choose items for your box that are as inexpensive as they can find. Overall, Trunk Club is going to be more expensive so if you’re on a tighter budget Stitch Fix will work better.

What is the best clothing subscription?

9 best clothing subscription boxes for 2021: Men’s, women’s, plus-size and moreBest overall women’s clothing box experience. Stitch Fix. … Best plus size clothing subscription box. Dia & Co. … Best clothing box for personalized customer service. Trunk Club. … Best for designer clothes on a budget. … Best for sustainable clothing.

Is Threadbeast only for guys?

Women are allowed to choose from both mens’ and womens’ pieces for their boxes. “Some members ask for only tops and sweatpants, others for only jeans and graphic tees,” Singh said. Subscribers can downgrade to a different plan, change the frequency of payments and cancel their subscription at any time.

What is the best men’s clothing subscription?

To make your style experience more seamless, we reviewed the best clothing subscriptions for men so you can start freshening up your closet now.Best Overall: Stitch Fix. … Best Budget: Bombfell. … Best for Essentials: Basic MAN. … Most Eco-Friendly: Frank And Oak Club. … Best for Surprises: Trendy Butler. … Best Luxury: Trunk Club.More items…•

How long does it take Threadbeast to deliver?

Once it’s sent, it takes anywhere from 1-7 business days to arrive in the contiguous United States, depending on your location (It can take a bit longer for Hawaii and Alaska). Shortly after it’s shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number to the email address you signed up with.

How do I stop Threadbeast?

To cancel, email from the email address you signed up with, let us know you want to cancel and we’ll start the cancellation process for you. You have 7 days from the date you received your last package to request cancellation for the next billing cycle.

How do you pause Threadbeast?

Email us at and we will help pause the account for you.

How do I contact Threadbeast?

Contact Us. If you have any questions about these Terms or otherwise need to contact THREADBEAST for any reason, you can reach us by email at, or by phone at our toll-free line at (844) 232-7885, or via mail at THREADBEAST, PO Box 461791 Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Is Stitch Fix worth it for guys?

Conclusion on Stitch Fix for Men I do know guys who have gotten the boxes for several months in a row and have been very pleased with the items and service. I think it’s worth it, on occasion, to have the stylist pick out a few quality items with the ease of shopping online.