Question: Why Does My Peep Sight Keeps Twisting?

Does peep sight color matter?

If you find a dealer they should have each color for you to test and see which one works best for your eyes.

Each eye color corresponds to a certain color peep that will help clear your vision/make things brighter..

How do you fix peep rotation?

There are a couple of ways to correct this problem when you get home, too. A tried-and-true method is to press the bow and add or remove string twist. You can do this from either the top or bottom cam, but the peep will rotate a bit less with a twist from the bottom because the peep is closer to the top cam.

How do you align a peep sight?

Once the peep is set in the string, pull the bow back with your eyes closed and settle in to your natural anchor point. Open your eye and do not move! If you have someone helping, have them rotate the peep to perfect alignment and move it up or down the string until it aligns perfectly with the sight aperture.

Is my peep sight too high?

Having the proper peep height is imperative for this. If it is too high, your nose will float off the string, and too low will lead to the string “smushing” your nose in. A simple way to find the right spot for the peep height is to draw back an anchor with your eyes closed.

Can you move a peep sight without a bow press?

You don’t need a bow press to move your peep…if it is served cut the serving and move it to your comfortable position (yes, maybe it’s though) and tie it again. If you are afraid of doing in this way you can use a “economic portable press”: a screwdriver wrapped with tape not to harm the cam/limbs.

How does a peep sight work?

Peep sights improve on notch-and-post open sights by improving your eye’s ability to see the front sight in relation to the target. … Peep sights also improve on magnifying optical sights by allowing you to see a wider field of view, at a fraction of the cost. And peep sights can be surprisingly precise aiming devices.

Is a smaller peep sight more accurate?

Common peep sight sizes The general rule of thumb is that a smaller peep diameter will provide more accuracy while the larger peep size will provide better low light performance.

How high should my peep sight be?

logman, 6.5 inches is a bit high. You are probably anchoring too low on your face, or :cringe: neck. Traditional shooters often use a very low anchor point compared to compound. You might consider lowering your peep back down to a reasonable distance, say 5-3/4 to 6 inches to start.